We’re the right company for your home’s project investment

Our team of experts guarantees the project’s execution with technical accuracy and operational excellence, whether it’s for new buildings, strategic renovations or infrastructure expansions.

Licensed & insured
Amazing results
Skilled professionals
Technology leader
Committed to deadlines
Monitored processes

New Construction

Are you interested in building property for commercial, residential or investment use? You’ve just found the right company! We create, plan and execute your project in a specialized & efficient way.

Retail Remodeling

Our skilled professionals are ready to enhance your property’s appearance & improve its structure.


Committed to deadlines, we build all the structural parts with efficiency and quality. (Services that are not included: finish, electrical & AC systems)

Light Metal/Wood Frame & Drywall

Our professionals use different construction systems to shape the building’s foundation, whether it’s lightweight metal or wooden structures. Besides that, we also use drywall that adds to the other building methods.

Count on our skilled specialists to provide the best result for your construction project

When you hire a construction company that isn’t committed to deadlines and brings questionable quality, blowing budgets, you’re sure to lose out and get a headache.

Luckily, Paulista Construction Group it’s the right company to choose so that you won’t have these losses!

We’re a team with proven experience in commercial and residential building, that’s committed to deadlines and has a trajectory of successful projects in various states. For this reason, our professionals are ready to take on any construction project.

See below the development of two of our projects.

Check out more projects like these in our portfolio.

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Paulista Construction Group

Paulista Construction Group it’s the company that turns ideas into reality & investments.We have built a legacy of excellence through our six-years experience of successful projects in Massachusetts, not to mention our three years of solid experience in the state of Florida.Even though our company has started with a residential focus in Massachusetts, our current focus is mainly on commercial and residential construction and remodeling.Our skilled professionals are always looking to improve their techniques based on the most advanced ones in the field. We work along with investors to bring successful projects to reality.Our mission is to transform your plans into great achievements, whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting out..