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If you’re looking for a company that provides fine, quality services, you’re in the right place! We offer personalized, excellent and responsible services to make your house simply amazing.

Impressive results

An extraordinary project needs an extraordinary company to make it happen. We are the best choice.

Personalized services

Our goal is to provide efficient and exclusive services. We give you all the support you need and are available to help you.

to deadlines

Here, you will find a company whose supreme value is to keep its word. Together, we set a deadline and work to deliver it.


Surely you want your project having an amazing result. Our team is trained to deliver simply the perfect one.


What can Paulista Construction do for you?

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How do we work?

We develop processes and working methods that are based in excellency and agility. We’re exceptional in everything we do and surely qualified to meet the needs of your project.

Cabinets, Additions
Remodeling and
New Construction

Our vision for your project goes beyond conventional! We carefully take care of your needs and work with our architects to transform your place into a noble, beautiful and pleasant place.

Tiny and Big

We have a trained and versatile team to do every category of work. We build and remodel absolutely everything! From tiny houses to large projects.

Here you are sure you are contracting the Best

Highly selected materials

We work with high quality products and materials to deliver you the best result. Paulista Construction always works to meet all your needs and exceed your expectations.

Specialists in
every process

Whether you’re building from scratch, remodeling, or adding a new part to your home, the result is always in the hands of the professionals you trust with your project. Paulista Construction makes a point of keeping its team trained and updated in absolutely everything that refers to construction.

Equipment that ensures efficiency

One of Paulista Construction’s strongest values is its commitment to deadlines! We work only with modern and technological equipment to perform work with agility, quality and excellence.

Transform your house and get to enjoy your family
in a new environment

Why choose us?

The least possible discomfort for your family

Our process and working method seeks to minimize the impact of your remodeling project on your family’s daily life. We work efficiently and ensure we do everything with agility to meet the delivery deadline.

We contribute to the environment

Our work process involves the correct disposal of materials, which reduces waste, keeping the place clean and organized, and thus helping the greenhouse effect.

Clear communication, no fine print

As contractors, our commitment is to honesty and clarity. We do everything as agreed and work to fulfill every step of the project with excellence.


We give you a 1-year warranty. This warranty covers all labor our team has worked on.

Remodeling services for all rooms

We do any and every kind of remodeling. No matter if you need additions, bathroom remodeling, cabinets, kitchen remodeling, new construction and remodeling, our team is trained to transform your home into something that comes out of your dreams.

Help you choose the materials

If we can find materials that retain the aesthetic and quality you are looking for and it fits your budget, we’ll direct you towards it.

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Nossa garantia de 1 ano cobre todos os trabalhos de alta qualidade feitos por nosso contratante.

· Garantimos nossas instalações por 1 ano! Qualquer problema com o produto você precisará entrar em contato com o fabricante.
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· Equipe de atendimento dedicada para atender às suas necessidades!

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